Permanent Exhibits

Exhibits at the Sheerar Museum illustrate the history of Stillwater and the surrounding area. The Museum recently completed an exhibit renovation project and now features an all new exhibit of "Stillwater History: Building on the Foundation."

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Annual Exhibits

The Sheerar features additional temporary exhibits focused on different themes of local and state history as well. These exhibits change each year.


The Sheerar Button Collection, a large collection of unusual buttons dating from the 1740s through the 1930s, is also on exhibit. This collection has been a part of Stillwater history since 1949, when Mrs. Lena Sheerar, who amassed the collection, moved from Wellsville, New York to be near her family in Stillwater. At the time of transport from New York to Stillwater, the entire collection weighed 87 pounds.

For many years, the Sheerar Museum was strongly associated with the button collection, however the mission of the Museum has expanded well beyond this narrow focus and only a small portion of this collection remains on exhibit. The Sheerar Museum of Stillwater History is named for Mrs. Lena Sheerar's son and daughter-in-law who gave the initial $25,000 towards the purchase of the building to house the Museum, and who also donated many of the first artifacts to the collection, including the 3,450 button collection.

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