It Has Been a Terrific Summer at the Sheerar

It has been a terrific summer at the Stillwater History Museum at the Sheerar.  Our visitor numbers remain strong and we have already surpassed 2017 total visitation numbers with over 8,588 center visits.  On our museum level we continue to attract new visitors and are pleased to share that July brought in our 2,000th visitor for 2018 and people keep coming. 

Our 12th annual Cool Classic concert series brought over 600 visitors to the Sheerar Center and many took the opportunity to enjoy the museum’s “Summertime Fun” exhibit. The exhibit features photographs and objects to take visitors back.  On our memory wall, visitors added some of their favorite summer memories, including camping with family, reading Harry Potter for the first time, eating at Hideaway, pool parties, Crystal Plunge, and spontaneous road trips.  This summer some of these road trips even brought visitors to the museum, including visitors from Crescent, Hennessey, Glencoe, Cushing, Enid, Bethany, and as far away as Texas, Kentucky, and California.  If you haven’t made it to the museum lately, there is still time to see our “Summertime Fun” exhibit, which will be on display until November of 2018.

As summer comes to a close, we are looking forward to what fall will bring, with the addition of our new part time Programming Coordinator, Debbie Williams, and a new group of student interns full of eagerness to learn. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook or join our mailing lists to find out what is coming up at your Stillwater History Museum.

Article originally published in the Stillwater Newspress.