At the Stillwater History Museum new exhibits open throughout the year, allowing for a different experience each time you visit. This fall the museum is proud to present three new exhibits, which will be on display until summer of 2018.  Our new "Remembering the Holiday's" exhibit takes you back to a childhood Christmas where pie was in the oven and paper snowflakes helped decorate for the season.  Stay tuned for our new oil exhibit this spring. Visit often to keep learning about new chapters of Stillwater's history. 

Guest with prohibition exhibit cropped.jpg

How Dry Was It? Prohibition in Stillwater

When you hear the word prohibition, most people imagine the roaring ‘20s filled with bootleg liquor and social excess, but not all parts of the US reacted in the same manner. Oklahoma was a dry state well before 1919, and it stayed dry long after the rest of the country repealed Prohibition in 1933. “How Dry Was It?    Prohibition in Stillwater” will guide visitors from the Territorial period through today, as they explore Oklahoma’s prohibition past.  



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Inside the fallout shelter: Civil Defense in Stillwater

The Stillwater History Museum’s new exhibit, “Inside the Fallout Shelter: Civil Defense in Stillwater” showcases the history of Stillwater’s Civil Defense Agency and gives visitors a glimpse of being inside a fallout shelter.


Civil War Quilts

The American Quilt Study Group traveling quilt show inspired by Civil War Quilts will be on display at the museum until February 18, 2018.  A special program will be held on Sunday, January 28th at 2:00 in the Sheerar Auditorium about the quilts.