At the Stillwater History Museum, new exhibits open throughout the year, allowing for a different experience each time you visit.  Our new "Summertime Fun" exhibit will be on display until Novemeber 2018. 


Summertime Fun

Remember when you were a kid and summer was the best time of the year? We want you to relive those memories with our new exhibit “Summertime Fun." This exhibit will take you back to summertime traditions of family times at our lakes, splashing in the water at Crystal Plunge pool, and  keeping cool in area movie theaters. No matter how you enjoyed spending your summers, this exhibit will have something for you.   


Now on Display at the Yale Public Library  - The Life of Boom and Bust Oil Towns in Payne County 

The new exhibit "The Life of Boom and Bust Oil Towns in Payne County" explores the rise and fall of the oil industry in Oklahoma. From the first spewing geyser to the disappearance of "black gold," the Stillwater History Museum will take you every step of the way.


Closing July 18, 2018 - Inside the Fallout Shelter: Civil Defense in Stillwater

The Stillwater History Museum’s new exhibit, “Inside the Fallout Shelter: Civil Defense in Stillwater” showcases the history of Stillwater’s Civil Defense Agency and gives visitors a glimpse of being inside a fallout shelter.

Guest with prohibition exhibit cropped.jpg

Past Exhibit - How Dry Was It? Prohibition in Stillwater

When you hear the word prohibition, most people imagine the roaring ‘20s filled with bootleg liquor and social excess, but not all parts of the US reacted in the same manner. Oklahoma was a dry state well before 1919, and it stayed dry long after the rest of the country repealed Prohibition in 1933. “How Dry Was It?    Prohibition in Stillwater” will guide visitors from the Territorial period through today, as they explore Oklahoma’s prohibition past.  

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