At the Stillwater History Museum, new exhibits open throughout the year, allowing for a different experience each time you visit.  


Automobiles in Stillwater

This exhibit was inspired by one member of the Stillwater Antique and Classic Car Club, who reached out to the museum last year.  One of the museum’s intern’s Jorge Chavez began researching to the topic this summer. The exhibit includes stories of the town’s earliest automotive experiences, photographs and dealerships of yesterday and today, and of course images of classic cars from the car club and car shows.

On display until October 1, 2019


Still Pioneering: Post WWII Stillwater

This exhibit tells the story of post WWII business development in Stillwater.  It takes visitors from the creation of the Industrial Foundation, through developments on Perkins Road, and includes success stories of Stillwater born businesses including Interworks, Iron Monk, Kennel and Crate and more.

On display until October 1, 2019


Stillwater and World War I

This exhibit highlights Stillwater’s role in supporting the war efforts including the creation of the Payne County Council of Defense.  The exhibit talks about several war support programs and features items from Stillwater’s residents who served in the Great War, including Oscar David Houston and Myatt W. Myatt.  The exhibit also includes an interactive for visitors to learn a little about the trench combat that dominated World War I.

On display until May 19, 2019

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