At the Stillwater History Museum, new exhibits open throughout the year, allowing for a different experience each time you visit.  


Stillwater and World War I

This exhibit highlights Stillwater’s role in supporting the war efforts including the creation of the Payne County Council of Defense.  The exhibit talks about several war support programs and features items from Stillwater’s residents who served in the Great War, including Oscar David Houston and Myatt W. Myatt.  The exhibit also includes an interactive for visitors to learn a little about the trench combat that dominated World War I.

45 Ostman.jpg

The Study of 19th Century Basket Quilts

This exhibit features 25 quilts inspired by historic basket quilts. Each quilt is made by members of the American Quilt Study Group.  This exhibit will also include a variety of handcrafted baskets from Stillwater residents: Judy Mahle, Cathy Southwich and Debby Strickland.  The exhibit will be on display until February 10, 2019.


Now on Display at the Yale Public Library  - The Life of Boom and Bust Oil Towns in Payne County 

The new exhibit "The Life of Boom and Bust Oil Towns in Payne County" explores the rise and fall of the oil industry in Oklahoma. From the first spewing geyser to the disappearance of "black gold," the Stillwater History Museum will take you every step of the way.

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