Drainage Project Goal $7,757

Be part of the solution, your donation will help preserve the Sheerar Center.

Help us preserve our building and Stillwater's past by donating to the Sheerar drainage improvement project.  The project consists of site preparation, electrical line installation, sump pumps, and discharge lines.  The sump pumps will be installed outside of the north side of the buildings and will move water away from the museum's foundation.  While the building is most at risk during heavy rains, we want to ensure that our future is secure by encouraging all rain to flow away from our foundation walls. The estimated cost of this project is $7,757 and will not be possible without the support of our local community.   All donations are fully tax deductible and we encourage you to give generously to help protect all of our museum treasures. 

Project Update:  Phase I through III have been completed.  Old landscaping was removed to make room for the drilling equipment.  The 10 foot deep holes have been dug and the pipes set.  Electrical is complete and the sump pumps were placed inside of the pipes and connected to the drainage lines.  Phase IV will be landscaping the area. 


Project Contributors

Gladeen Allred, Steve & Patty Armbruster, Judi Baker, Eneth Banks, Nancy & Jim Beckstrom, Ken & Karen Bell, Larry & Barbara Bellatti, Bill Bernhardt, Jim & Ann Berry, Bill & Mary Bryans, John Bush, Aaron Carlson, Cindy Fehring Carr, Bob Chapman, Gary & Jane Clark, Carrier Ditching and Excavating, Judy Clay, Robin Cornwell & Sandeep Nabar, Elaine Courtright, Rick & Annette Cowell, Art Daugherty, Dick & Ann Simma Decker, Martha Dermer, Pat & Kathy Dorr, Elite Electric, Linda Ely, Jim & Ann Enix, Lawrence Erwin, Dick & Malinda Berry Fischer, Mary Alice Foster, Gary & Nancy Franklin, Susie Glasscock, Roger Gose, Stephen & Lea Gose, Rick & Rodette Green, Frances Griffin, Jim & Ann Halligan, Burns & Ann Hargis, Charles & Carol Headrick, Robert Hert, Mary Sue Hill, John & Deanna Homer, Hostbridge Technology, Kent & Barbara Hock, Ann Houston, Judy Hutchison, Tim & Sandi Ireland, Steve & Becky Irby, Stephen & Becky James, Pat Jaynes, Nigel Jones, Jo & Braian Kahn, Elizabeth Konigmacher, Locke Supply, Mike & Velda Lorenz, Lowe's, Anne Matoy, Elfriede Miller, Lynn Miller, Charles Moore, Kay Murphy, Nate's Tree Service, Steve & Dianna Norman, North Central Construction, Jon & Nancy Patton, Larry Perkins, Kel Pickens & Carolyn Meyer, Gwenith Piersall, Eddie & Jan Polk, Dennis & Carol Preston, Evelyn Quillen & Phil Keukel, Paul & Alice Richardson, Judy Ringwall, Leanita Shelby, Surekha Sheorey, James Showalter, Carol Solick, Frank & Joyce Steindl, Kay Stewart, Toni & Bill Stone, Roy & Ruth Sturgeon, Vickie Sturgeon, Bill & Cat Thompson, Larry & Betty Tower, John & Rebecca te Velde, Visit Stillwater, Ruth Walker, Gayle & Pat Ward, LaJean Whitcomb, Judy White, Sidney & Myriam Williams, Pat Winborn, Buck & Sue Wright.

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